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Our Work

We make kayaks, canoes and paddles using wood that is kind to the natural environment. Each is a unique work with particular attention. You can enjoy the fun of paddling and its presence as a craft. We will sell it to those who wish. In addition, we will help you make your own kayak and canoe with reference to these models.

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01 桜雅 (Graceful Cherry)


The kayak designed with the image of the Japanese national flower "Sakura no Ki" has the beauty of traditional crafts.Since the cockpit is removable, it can be expanded from one person to three people (the photo is for one person). With a rudder, it is easy to control a long kayak.Can be transported in 5 pieces

Overall length: 5100 mm for a single person. 9000mm for 3 people

Weight: 30Kg (for one person)


02 (竜雅)Elgant Dragon

A two-seater tandem kayak with a beautiful geometric pattern. Iron cedar from Miyazaki prefecture is pasted together in a parquet style.The bow has a Venizian gondola design. A separate type that is convenient for transportation.

Overall length: 6100mm  

Weight: 35Kg


03 杉雅 (Elegant Cedar)

Satsuma iron cedar has been used for shipbuilding because it has a lot of resin and is resistant to water. By sticking this cedar on the entire surface, it became a kayak with a beautiful wood grain that stands out clearly while ensuring excellent strength.

Overall length: 5600mm

Weight: 35kg


04 Canadian canoe

(Wood strip Canadian Canoe)

It is made by laminating cedar lumber that has been processed into a strip with a width of 20 mm and a thickness of 5 mm like a parquet. It's a painstaking task, but you can enjoy the artistic sensation by combining materials with different colors of wood grain like a puzzle.

Overall length: 4800mm

Weight: 25Kg

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