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Our Work II


05 Wood Kayak Standard

It is a standard type wood kayak. Cut and paste plywood which are available at a DIY shop, cover it with glass cloth, and harden it with epoxy resin. It is as strong and waterproof as plastic.

Overall length: Standard 4800mm (Adjustable to your desired length)

Weight: 20Kg

Price: ¥ 350,000

           ¥ 200,000 (at the time of self-production at                        the workshop )

06 Parquet method sea kayaking

( Cedar Strip Build Sea-Kayak)

スクリーンショット 2022-01-23 18.01.15.png

We started making kayaks using the same cedar parquet method as the Canadian canoe. It is a lightweight and compact type of 13 feet (less than 4 m). We will keep you informed of the progress of manufacturing.


07 Wooden SUP

You can make a wooden SUP. The framework is made of plywood, and the surface can be pasted with planks and strips (thin wood) with the builder's favorite design. Please draw letters and pictures and enjoy making SUP with your originality.

Overall length: 11ft (3350mm)

Maximum width: 31.5 inches (800mm)

​Price: ¥380,000

       ¥250,000(Self-build at workshop)

​Estimated work days: 25 days

*The standard specification is plywood finish. When using wood selected by the builder, it will be an option price.

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